This may be the end of the world…of Warcraft

Those zany Australians.  Always good for a laugh.  If it’s not crocodiles, it’s video game-wielding terrorists.

The Australian High Tech Crime Centre has determined that terrorists are using the highly sophisticated “World of Warcraft” to train for terrorist-type activities. I’m not quite sure what activities these would be.  Perhaps the terrorists are planning to wipe out the Orcs using their Mage’s Divine Intervention.

Whatever their intentions, they couldn’t have picked a more realistic game than WoW to train.

I just hope the airlines get wind of this….I wouldn’t want anyone smuggling a +2 Fireblade onto my flight.


3 Responses

  1. Apparently, it was also the end of The Semi-Daily Grind. Damned Australians killing one of my favorite blogs!

  2. Yeah, we need MOAR posts!

  3. 😛

    I’ve been busy. And lazy. I shall post more soon.

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