Couch fire

I came from work a few days ago to my mom saying how she went to Kohls…and how he say a couch fire.  Apparently, on his way to work, my dad noticed a lot of thick, black smoke emanating a few blocks from our house, and so my mom decided it a prudent course of action to check it out.

When she got to the scene, there were a few policemen and firefighters, along with a throng of people gathered to watch: a couch erupting into flames. Someone didn’t want it, I suppose, and so instead of selling it, or throwing it away, they did what any upstanding citizen would have done and threw it in a parking lot and lit it ablaze.

I asked my mom if she got any photos, since a couch fire is probably the most interesting thing that’s happened for weeks (since she has a working albeit cruddy cameraphone), and she said she didn’t even think about it.  So now I need to set fire to our couch so I can get some shots.


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  1. I am surprised this didn’t make the headlines out here!

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