If you’re stupid and operating a vehicle, don’t drive

Yesterday while driving to work, I nearly died.

OK, so that’s not accurate. Though death was definitely a viable option for the other guy trying to force his way into my lane.

I was turning off 72nd onto Dodge. I was already in the turn lane when someone in some brokeass Kia SUV decided on a whim that he, too, needed to be in the turn lane, and just sort of veered off without consideration of the fact that there just maybe, possibly, could be someone else already IN the lane—namely ME.

My life flashed before my eyes. My face turned white. My hand reached for the 9mm I have in the glove compartment…

I wish.

What I did was slam on the brakes while swerving into the sidewalk, which turned out really well in the sense that it prevented a collision, and there weren’t any actual pedestrians there at the moment. I didn’t even sound my horn, as I was too busy Driving Defensively.

Though I did slash his tires later in the day.


3 Responses

  1. Did you get his tag number? I swear, I’m driving out there right now to kick his ass! When are people going to learn to NOT mess with my LK Buddy? >:-(

  2. In the words of Riley:

    “That car’s a little bit broken” and it almost made you “smashed up!”

  3. Evil Shells tagged me and I’m returning the favor by tagging you. So there! 😛

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