’80s nerd

I can now say I’m an ’80s nerd.  One of the local stations plays a solid block of ’80s from noon to 1pm, and at the end of it, they play the Lost ’80s Track, which is supposed to be so obscure no one knows what it is.  I instantly recognized it as “Pac Man Fever.”

Can I have my crown now?


2 Responses

  1. Hi Kevin:
    I’m not surprised you recognized Pac Man Fever. That “obscure” song sold over 2 1/2 million copies worldwide, peaked at #9 on the Billboard charts and received 2 gold records for the single and album. It has been featured on numerous TV shows including an interesting version by Homer Simpson. We even had a mention just the other night on “Studio 60.” So nerd or no nerd we appreciate you remembering us.
    Wear your crown with pride!
    Best Wishes!
    Jerry Buckner
    Buckner & Garcia Productions

  2. Sorry sweetie, you only get the crown if you were born before the 80s where you could actually remember being alive during them. 😛 You can have this handy dandy plaque however.

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