So psyched!



I (with the help of my dad because I’m not technically of age in Nebraska) signed up with Cingular/AT&T on Saturday and couldn’t be more happy. I got an unlocked Sony Ericsson K790a (the James Bond phone!!) for Christmas in preparation for this, and the thing has been sitting in the living room since then, because I’m not 19. However, I learned last week that I can simply have an “adult” sign up initially and transfer the account into my name fully in April. Cool beans.

I got a crappy RAZR as my back-up model (taking that one to Europe)….but I could NOT be happier with my K790. I’ve had a lot of phones in my lifetime, but this one is far and away the most advanced…3.2 MP camera, FM radio, MP3 player, E-mail, Internet, unrestricted Bluetooth…I have it rigged with a mobile version of Google Maps and may someday buy an external GPS receiver to reach ultimate Geekdom.

Both my dad and I get a pretty good discount with Cingular (he’s retired government, I’m a student) so that is awesome, too. We have the account tied with my debit card, so I don’t have to worry about remembering to pay each month.



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