This must defy the laws of physics

Don’t know how it’s possible, but my philosophy class (we’re studying
Descartes, Aquinas, Augustine, and some others right now) has made
me more atheist.  Sort of odd, since I think the authors wanted to have
it have the opposite effect.  Oh well.


3 Responses

  1. I just read a book called The Case for Faith. In it, one of the professors interviews stated that if they had a debate over various things about Christianity, they would go to the philosophy department to find the antheist. If they needed a Believer, they went to the phyics department.

  2. Obviously this Believer can’t spell (see above)

  3. 😛

    It’s really odd, but there are 15 people in my class, and we’re split down the middle–half believe, half don’t. But the cool thing is that we can each argue the other side. I love the class.

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