It’s a tree! It’s a shrub! It’s Bush!

So, I got to see Prez Bush while I was in DC, which was absolutely the greatest thing in the world, considering I’m a Democrat.

Or, at least, I suspect it was him. To be more specific, I saw his motorcade arrive at Ford’s Theater, which was a block away from where our trashy hotel was. (Everyone knows that Bush’s limo really runs the country.) Every police vehicle and officer in the city was there, which meant if there was a real legal problem somewhere, people would have been out of luck.

It was raining–hard–when this happened, so his limo pulled into this tent thing in front of the theater, meaning that I didn’t actually SEE the president, per se, but I saw the emblem on the side of the car.


3 Responses

  1. You should see when the pres goes to play golf on Andrews!
    It’s freaking insane!
    My housing unit was on Georgia Ave with a view of the hangar where they keep AF1 and right on the corner of the old golf course ( I understand they’ve changed it over the years since I was there) and I would literatly be blocked from getting home by SPs ( security Police) Secret Service or DC cops checking my ID on every corner for blocks around.
    And watching them come in and leave was like a parade.
    There’s no way all that can truly be nessary. Makes me sick.

    That’s your government in action for ya.

  2. Bush was at Fort Lewis, WA a few months back and the security to even get on post was insane. They only had this tiny gate open and even people with Military IDs had to go through vehicle inspections and what not. Then they blocked off half the roads so we had to park like a mile away from work. He drove by my building and I flipped him off through the window. Proud of that, I am. =P

  3. Oh the tragedy when Bush came to a small town nearby names Marietta to speak about (not kidding) renewable energy. He babbled on for about an hour, as the conservative faithful(99% of area residents) cheered him on. The problem was that they had to bloch of one of the area’s major throufares causing problems for people as far separated as 20 miles away becase of the detours. Thanksfully, it happened while I was in school, tough many friends were caught in massive traffic jams.

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