A word to the wise, Part Deux

While in Washington DC, never stay at the Hotel Harrington. The place hasn’t been vacuumed since the Carter administration, and the bed sheets could be used to solve several crimes on “CSI.”


2 Responses

  1. LOL
    Sounds like a hotel as dirty as the city its self.
    I hated DC.
    Never spent time in a hotel there but the roads were hell ( many of them covered in steel plates), running in to transvestite hookers, drug dealers and windshield washers while trying to hit the McDrive for lunch was always fun and oh yhea did I mention all the one way streets so you drive 10 miles to end up 3 blocks from where you started. Not to mention the things that pass for hospitals if you ever have to go to one off base ( Yep, I was stationed there so I got a decent hospital).
    What a wonderfull city. *puke*

  2. DC, eh

    While staying in DC, an aunt of mine found a decaying body in her hotel room. The police came and all what not, then eventually found it to be the body of a murder victem. I think it was actually in that same hotel, come to think of it. I personally like DC, but I refuse to leave the touristy/governmenty areas.

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