Mexican traffic

The first in the series of events in Mexico (note to self: change that phrase later) is a general rundown of the miserable state of the Mexican road system.

The first city we were in was Mexico City, a place where there are two police officers on each street corner, who, instead of controlling the traffic, stand and blow their whistles at random intervals in an attempt to create Order. Meanwhile, cars are traveling at breakneck speeds around corners, driving an electron away from the car in front of them, barking at cats, vaulting across buildings, selling insurance, et cetera.

Every time you step outside in Mexico City, you feel like you’re going to die. And if you get into a taxi (for whatever reason–brain damage, for example) you should have your will made out ahead of time. A photo is also handy so if the cops decide to stop blowing their whistles at nothing, they can identify the body.


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