Prom Update 7.3256

So, the pictures were finally e-mailed about five seconds ago, so these are hot off the presses:

I think I’m scaring the little girl behind me. I’d feel bad, but I was having too much fun.A kind of blurry shot of all of us.

Another one of my MJ impressions. Damn, I’m good.

Actually, today at school, people I never even talked to commented on my dancing and said they took pictures. Damn, I’m good.

Another blurry shot, but this time of us karaokeing. I imagine that the shot is like this because the person shooting the picture was gyrating with laughter. I’m in the blue.


2 Responses

  1. Did you bleach your pink raincoat for that? Seriously your jacket is huuuuge!

    The hat!! THE HAT!!

  2. really smart LK, looks like you had a great time


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