Why people should have to score above a 50 on a standardized IQ test before they’re allowed to be parents, click here.


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  1. That actually has less to do with intelegence and more to do with Miami culture.
    It is the drug capitol of the world and being a native I can tell you that even when I was a kid ( that would be the early 80’s) of that age I had allready experimented with a few drugs thanks to my so called friends.
    She could have been teaching him how to make something called Neon tea ( I think that’s strictly a Miami name for the stuff) wich is a strong and potentially deadly halusinagenic that’s commonly used cause it’s made from plants that seem to be all over the place.
    And sad fact is that it’s quite common to find parents doing such things simply because they figure if it gets the brat to do what I tell them to then what ever….
    And a big part of that is because parents in Florida can be sent to jail for their kids truancy and bad grades.
    And people wonder why I left that place. :0/

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