Prom Update 5 (screw 4)

4:30pm: Leather-interior carpool arrives.

4:45pm: Leather-interior carpool takes off, after parents snap three quadrillion photos.

4:55pm: Fourth occupant of the vehicle is picked up.

5:00pm: Other three occupants learn that fourth has forgotten camera at home.

5:05pm: Leather-interior car is finally ready to go to the restaurant, Greek Islands, a restaurant that serves Greek food. Restaurant is not on an island.

5:15pm: The vehicle and all four occupants are officially lost and have no idea where they’re going.

5:30pm: After turning around in several other appetizing-looking restaurants, vehicle arrives at destination.

6:30pm: Dinner is completed; girls all escape to the bathroom.

7:30pm: Girls emerge from bathroom.

8:00pm: Vehicle arrives at Prom Headquarters.

8:30-10:30pm: Kevin amazes everyone with his awesome grooves.

11:00pm: After-Prom starts. There is enough food to bury several third-world countries to a depth of three feet.

12:00pm: On the karaoke machine, a few friends and I sing a piercing rendition of Europe’s “The Final Countdown.” The song and the words on the screen don’t seem to match up, or the scroll is really ambiguous, or something. And it is impossible to hear anything while on stage, so the majority of the song is improvised with new lyrics thanks to moi, such as, “The words are confusing / and yet we stand tall. / There’s too many lyrics / and the screen is too small.”

12:00pm-2:30am: Stuff occurs, and then we go home and fall asleep.

Pictures to come soon, I hope.


2 Responses

  1. 😛

    Sounds like you had fun then. Did the hat survive?

  2. The hat is intact and as awesome as ever. Although the wig, sadly, did not.

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